First month at Amazon – “Culture Shock”

It has been nearly a month since I started to work at Amazon in Seattle. To be honest, as a software developer, I kind of realize my years “dream” to work in a the top notch world class tech company.

But when in this big war ship, you find yourself quickly be educated or shocked by Amazon strong company culture and I would like to share some of them.

  1. “Day 1” culture, each day should be considered as your first day at Amazon, that means you should be always passioned, motived and curious.
  2. “Customer Obsession”: “We Start With the Customer and We Work Backward”. “Focus on customers over competitors”…
  3. “Empty chair”: It is said early Jeff used to put an empty chair in each meeting. That empty chair represent our customer and what will he/she say or expected..
  4. “Two pizza” team rule: In the early days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos put a rule: every internal team should be small enough that it can be fed with two pizzas..
  5. Word Doc over PPT: Amazon love word document over PPT and each document should not be over 6 pages..
  6. Amazon loves writing: we have our internal wiki tools, you could find anything in that wiki site. We put design documents, any thoughts and everything useful into written wiki pages..
  7. “You own your proper career”: in amazon everyone could be leader, at least you are the leader of your self. You are given enough space and freedom to be driven by your own idea and actions. You don’t need to wait the orders by someone else.

Author: aerodc

Software Engineer