Green Lake Park – Seattle

Couple weeks ago, when the sun rarely came out, I decided to go to a park for jogging and I searched on google map and the park Green Lake seemed like a good idea because its location is very convenient for access. By car, it is about 15 mins from SLU to it and 30 mins by bus.

When I got there, there was already many people and they were cycling around the lake for walking or running.

Tips : H1b Visa Stamping in Paris France – Conseils pour préparer votre H1B visa à Paris France

  • Fill the famous DS-160 form online.
  • Take the appointment online as early as possible.
  • Arrive early on the visa stamping day because there will be a very long queue outside the US embassy.
  • Don’t bring the laptop and Ipads with you because they are not allowed and you should search the nearby hotel to store them temporarily.
  • Bring everything about the documents even they are not asked on the list. For example, your CV, offer letter, etc.
  • Speak clearly and in detail about your experiences when they are asking.
  • In the end, you should ask if your visa is approved or checked!
  • If your visa unfortunately checked, be patient and send emails to USA Paris embassy for the update regularly.

Lisbon Travel Tips – 里斯本 旅游攻略

Lisbon is a beautiful city and suitable for a 3-4 days travel. After spending days here and I got some lessons learned during the travel. I want to write them down to help others to have a better stay.

  • Lisbon Airport is a mess, you should plan 2 hours ahead for the flights.
  • Uber and Bolt work in Lisbon, better to use them instead of Taxi. If you choose Taxi, ask the driver to use the taximeter. And prepare the cash.
  • At the airport, you could buy the Lisbon Card. With it, you could take free public transport like the tramway and access to many museums and historical sites.
  • Always buy the tickets for top attractions (Jeronimo’s monastery for example) online to avoid long queues.
  • Most of the museums are closed on Monday!!!
  • At the famous Pastéis de Belém near Jeronimo’s monastery, you could see a very long queue, but it is only for taking away. You could enter directly into the boutique to eat on the table. It is more comfortable and easy.
  • If you want to see Fado Music, you could go to “O Faia” restaurant. The music and food are top but they have minimum price each person is 50 euros and the show begins only at 21H30 PM.
  • Be careful to eat in the restaurants in the Alfama area, they could charge you service fees without telling you before.
  • You could download the “lonely planet app” to help you organize your visits.
  • In the end, Lisbon is a tourist city and there are really many tourists and also thieves. And don’t forget to bring comfortable Sportif shoes!