DevOps in Amazon

Amazon is a real Ops first/hard-core technology company. DevOps is a popular key word in IT world today, but only a few who can put it into best practice and drive core business growth.

  • CI/CD tools is first step. Must have a good pipeline from development stage to production stage. That pipeline should integrate with security check, integration test etc.
  • Code review and bar raiser.
  • One main branch Git.
  • Canary Deployment tools in order to release the new feature to a subset of users progressively.
  • Alarms and Monitor tools (infra, exceptions, errors…)
  • Dashboard Metrics tools (gathering users info after launch )
  • Developers take life cycle of code (dev, test, production bugs fix etc.)
  • High skills coworkers ( Managers, Product Managers, Developers)
  • Good communication channel (Instant message tools, ticket tracking tools, knowledge sharing tools)

No real DevOps can achieve if missing any above step, in my option.

Author: aerodc

Software Engineer