Java8 Practice – Transforming Map to String

Case: We have a parameters and values Map, and we want to transform it into URL param string like ‘param1=value1&param2=value2’.

We could use Java8 lambda to make a short clean code:

public static String mapToString(Map<String, String> inputMap){

        return inputMap


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How to create a https web site using WordPress and AWS

This site, my personal blog was built using WordPress and hosting on AWS. I found that it was quite easy and not that expensive.

Billing details:

  • AWS is free for hosting the site for the first year. (
  • I paid 13.3 dollars (tax including) for buying my domain name and paid 0.51 dollars for AWS Route53.

The process to build the https site using AWS and WordPress:

That is it!


PSD2 (The second Payment Services Directive) came into effect 13 January 2018. It will force the banks to open their clients’ financial data for the third parties. This will bring significate change in the future Europe Banking markets.

Here is a list of views by some hotTEST Europe Fintech Startups: